Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February...... =)

EEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... How time flies, it felt like it was only yesterday when I was still planning on what to cook for our christmas and new years eve dinner. Then planning for my birthday and all of a sudden January was over and here comes the shortest month of the year. Oh my I have so much things to do with so little time in my hands.
At work it is still the usual hectic work I have during tax seasons which unfortunately runs until April of this year but then after that it woud only be the usual postings and things.
I am in the middle of planning for bea's 3rd birthday party ( which will be on May 11-too early? nah- last year i started planning by october heheheh). My husband and I agreed ( well not yet 100% sure) to held the party at the beach. So, I am having a hard time incorporating my Tinkerbell theme with the beach venue. As of now, I have already purchased green and purple drinkign cups to be used to put the candy/loot to be given to the children. I also have purchased large tinkerbell stickers to be put on the cups to go with the theme. I have purchased a dress for bea to wear it is a white sleveless dress with green butterfly prints all over but unfortunately it was lost in the mail and I still have not received that package. there is still so much to do and I have barely a coupel of months to go...there is the menu planning, decorations, cakes and invitations and so much more. I just hope I can give bea another memorable bithday party.
I am also looking forward to a valentines date that my husband promised to give me.... hmmmm i hope he stay true to his promises.
I am also in the middle of something BIG.... it doesnt really involve anybody but my self... come May I will unveil my big surprise hahahah.
Well thats it for my random thoughts on a monday morning.
Hope you guys started your week with a smile.
Happy monday Everyone...

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  1. same here girl wahh so busy happy monday to you!