Thursday, February 4, 2010

GT: My True Love


Oh, Thank God this week’s topic in not one of those relationship breaking topics heheheh.

My one true love…. Hmmm how do I describe him? Here is a brief description?

My one True Love is:
5’11 in height
Has chinky eyes
Shoe size is 11
Has nice nose ( which he boast of every now and then)
Recently pack up muscles especially on his upper arms and chest ( heheheh macho (: )
Is sometimes a goof ball
Isn’t romantic
Loves to listen to music with the speakers on full volume
Loves to watch movies ( action/horror/sci-fi is top on the list)
Silent most of the time
Always embraces a pillow when he sleeps
Snores a lot ( :( grrrrrrrrr)
Loves me to death (:
He could be the sweetest person at times but most of the times he makes me crazy every day ( in every way) but I also love him to death (:
This is my share on this weeks theme on Girl’s talk.
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  1. a macho and silent type. parang nakakatakot magalit si Jhun. just kidding. siya pala look-alike ni Bea, Jen. my hubby snores too.

  2. Hahaha! I am glad that GT's topics are now not breaking relationship ones, ahahaha! kaya nga makakasali na rin ako, hehehe!

    tangkad din ni Jhun ah, hehehe! at matangos ang ilong. Naku, ang asawa ko, kahit di gwapo, sinasabi kogn " you look handsome honey" kasi gustung gustong naririnig..lalo kapag bagong ahit at bagong gupit. gusto papansinin, kundi magtatampo, parang eng eng..

  3. my husband snores a lot too!! haha!

    but he is romantic and so sweet

  4. ang laki naman ang paa nya...
    snores alot.. waaaa, goodluck!!!!

  5. I like this meme, wow it's so nice to describe your one and only nakakikilig...

  6. my hubby also snores, hehe. but like you, i also love him to death :-)

  7. I love the description :) It made me smile :) Hope one day i will be able to describe someone in such a sweet way too <3

  8. aww.. i love how you described your hubby, sis jen.. hehe.. baka pag nabasa nya eh matawa sya at binuking mong he snores.. naku si hubby ko, dati hindi nagssnore, ngayon medyo medyo nag ssnore ng konti, pero ayaw nyang maniwala.. haha!!! bakit daw di nya naririnig kung malakas.. wahaha!!! baliw!!!

  9. aw. sweeetness naman. love to death! apir tau jan!! hihih

    tangkad ni hub mo at macho ha!!! hawig sya ni bea :) cute pareho smile hihi

    sorry girl ngaun lng nkablog hop ha.. thanks for always joining GT!!