Thursday, February 25, 2010

GT: Describe Your Self as a Lover..

Hmmm, How would I describe myself as a lover?

I believe that I am a very kind, giving and understanding lover (hehehe) of course there would be times that I am also a jealous lover ( who isnt?).

When I love someone I always let them know in every little way I can that I love him. I used to write letters to my hubby all the time, it is not really something special, just a note to let him know how I feel and just for him to take care of himself ( eww, cheezy hahhahah). One time when we were not yet married I went to his place and I saw my letters just collecting dust in a corner, I got mad at him for not taking care of my letters. He told me that he doesnt need the letters to remind me that I love him 'coz I get to show it more.

Anniversaries and any other occassion we have I always put extra effort in those memorable days. I usally would surprise him with a gift. I remember each fight we had, each moments we had... my hubby ask me once, isnt your brain exploding with all those memories that you have? hehehe.

That is how I am as a lover.. I can be tad romantic, sweet and the kindest person but beware there is some catch in there somewhere. LOL.

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  1. aawww, sweet aman... putting extra effort by writing a letter kahit married na..
    I hope you can still write a letter for him forever...

    nice entry

  2. this is so nice hehehe, and you are so thoughtful your husband is so lucky to have you here's mine din pala thanks

  3. so sweet of you. giving notes once in a while letting him know how you feel is a good idea.

  4. Pareho pala tau..I also get mad when "I" think that stuffs I gave has taken for granted(i think that's reasonable nmn db? :D)..especially letters..