Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Rodliz’s Nest

I love you because;

You work hard to give Bea and Me everything and anything we will ever need.

You stood by me on the times I felt my world was crumbling down.

You patiently waited with me to have our own miracle.

You prove to me everyday that your worth loving .

You volunteer to cook/wash the dishes and even clean the house when I am tired and stressed out from work.

You constantly make me laugh with your jokes and your sillyness.

You love bea more than anything/anyone in this world ( more than me, I think heheeh)

You always assure me.. that in time something better will come up.

You always tell me that I deserve more than your giving.

You patiently and quietly wait for me to cool down whenever I am mad.

When I am sick you get so worried especially if I am crying in pain.

You always look forward to the future and find ways on how we can improve our lives.

You thought me how to save, how to be patient and to have more faith.

You are humble and you always give thanks for whatever you have.

You always look back in your past and you find happiness just by realizing how far you’ve come.

This is just a few things why I love my hubby… but like mommy liz’ has said, I love him because of what he is.

Loving is not about finding your perfect match or even having your happy ever after story. I always tell my friend/cousin that if you love someone you don’t go on looking on what he cant do, what he don’t have or what he aint ,its about appreciating what he can do, what he has and what he is.
This is my share on this weeks couple’s corner. Head on to mommy liz’ site for more entries.

Happy Wednesday every one.


  1. Kakakilabot naman ang post mo, feel na feel ko ang love at appreciation mo sa hubby mo. Di ba ganon naman, kapag nagmahal tayo, minsan walang reason basta, kasi mahal eh. Walang sinisino, diba nga sabi nila, ang pag ibig ay makapangyarihan, kapag pumasok sa puso ninuman, hahamakin ang lahat masunod lamang, kahit magdildil sa asin eka nga sa Pinas, kahit saging basta labing..hehehe.

  2. totally agree with you jenny. we love our partners not because of what they can do or give us. we love them in spite of their shortcomings and bad sides. happy cc!

  3. beautiful post, being in love to hubby is the best- naka inspire talaga

  4. aww.. true!!! nabanggit ko nga sa post ni mommy ross.. it's better to say "I love you because" kesa sa "I love you in spite of" kase dba? mas ok na yung positive yung tinitingnan natin.. by the way.. no body's perfect.. Happy love month, Mommy Jenny!

  5. very well said..i love the last pharagraph!

    happy CC!