Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet the new Mama!

We have a new addition to our family, Bea is now a Mama!!

Like i said before we have been insearch for the perfect baby doll for my daughter, it has to be a real life like doll we bought her a couple of dolls but she didnt like it, she would only play with it for a while then it would be left somewhere to collect dust.

So we searched online to see which baby doll would bea like, We found out this type of doll who does exactly what a baby does. It's a baby alive Whoopsie Doo doll, it sucks milk from its bottle and if you give it the given apple juice mixture it would pee and poop. It also came with its own diaper that we have to buy replacement 'coz it really gets wet ( and I thought I have graduated from buying diapers LOL)

What's really cute is when the baby cries and say's Mama, Bea would come running and say, Oh, What? hehehhe and when the baby is fuzzy and crying bea would drop anything she is doing at the moment to carry her baby and stop it from crying.

Can't believe how loving and affectionate my baby is, I would like to believe that she is like that to her baby 'coz she sees that I take care of her that way... I hope so..

The new Mama... see how happy she is...
Showing off her baby....

Meet our new baby... KAI KAI ( i asked bea what's the baby's name and she instantly said Kai Kai)

Loving her baby...

On the other hand, we really had a new addition to our family, My first cousin, ruby who is the same age as me gave birth to her first baby on feb. 20, 2010 @baguio city Philippines. My aunt was the happiest because it is her first time to have a granddadughter. She already has 3 grandson.

Welcome to the world, Rynne ( pronounced Rain) Angelique... Were so happy you could joing our happy family... Looking forward to seein you soon...

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