Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potty Trained... YEY!!!!

Gone are the days when I have to buy tons of diapers for my baby, No more pull-ups at night, no more pull-ups when we go out.
Bea is partially potty trained ( i still put pull-up diapers on her during night time) since july of last year. I have been meaning to fully potty train bea but I am scared that she will pee while is sleeping, but then I keep on noticing for months now that whenever she wakes up in the morning her pull-ups will be empty and she would only pee after I have taken out her diaper and she insists on peeing on her potty.
So during the weekend I decided to give it a try, I make her pee before going to bed and it was a success she only pees whenever she wakes up and our bedtime routine of peeing before sleeping is going on smoothly.
Oh my I can't believe my bea has graduated on using diapers... it only means she's growing up too soon. Please baby don't grow up just yet, Im afraid I wont be able to catch up on you.
Love you baby and mommy is so proud of you!!


  1. how old is bea girl? Si faith ok na siya sa potty but not yet on pee wahhhhhhh paano kaya kung sa pee what did you do ba to train her?

  2. wow, big girl na si bea! congratulations!

    joys of motherhood! :D

  3. Ay ang galing! ilang taon na nga si Bea? Si Alex ko eh di pa rin masyadong potty trained, mag 3 na sa June. Sabagay si Wrozlie ko eh mag 3 na rin ng maawat sa diaper.