Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CC: Breakfast in Bed

Rodliz’s Nest

I wasnt sure if I can join this week's meme 'coz i coudlnt remember if I had breakfast in bed. The closest thing to having breakfast in bed that I could remember is when I gave birth to bea (does that count? nyahahahhaha). Like I said before, my hubby loves sleeping especially when it is his day off ( Sundays), he would sleep until 10 am in the morning, by then he would be rushing to eat his breakfast and take a shower and prepare to go to church. So naturally I wouldnt expect him to bring me breakfast in bed ( :( wahhhhhhhhh).

On the other hand I am a morning person, no matter how late I sleep, I still would wake up before 6 am, I would have a terrible headache all throughout the day if I just stay in the bed. So after I have waken up, I usually get up and do some chores.

I may not give my husband "breakfast in bed" but I always make sure that as soon as he woke up he has his coffee and breakfast ready. It may not be in bed but at least I put some effort on preparing his breakfast and I make sure that it is something that he likes.

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Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Of course, eating in bed when you had Bea counts, hahaha! di naman lahat ng hubbies eh ipagluluto ng breakfast ng mga wives nila noh?

    I am so glad na sumali ka rin. Oy, di naman nasusukat sa pagbigay ng almusal ang pagmamahal natin sa ating mga hubbies. Kahit ano lang na gawin nila eh makapagpapatunay ng love nila sa atin di ba? Kahit gaano kaliit na bagay basta galign sa puso ay napakasarap tanggapin. Oh ha..

  2. He he sis , actually that was one thing I have thought so of about breakfast in bed. wala din ako breakfast in bed experience eh..

    I have missed this meme a lot. Tagal ko nawala..

  3. nakuu Mommy, kami din wala ng breakfast in bed. ganuun yata talaga pag may anak na lolz!

    entry is here

  4. same here,we don't practice breakfast in bed.siguro kung counted nga yung kainan sa hospital eh yun lang din siguro lol!

  5. kame din wala kase ayaw namin kumakain ng food sa bed.. dito sa amin sa table lang pede kumain ng food :)

    Mommy sali ka naman sa contest namin:

    Just follow the instruction here

  6. kakainggit ka naman, mommy.. buti ka pa morning person.. pero no worries na kahit walang breakfast in bed.. yung ipagluto mo nalang ang family ng breakfast eh shoot na shoot na..