Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CC: Plans for Valentines Day...

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Oh my, is it Wednesday alreay... I am terribly sorry for all those who visited my blog and posted some comments. I am so over my head with work at the office that i dont have time to blog or hop. Thanks so much :).
Anyway on to our topic for this weeks: Plans for Valentines Day.
I asked my hubby where is he taking me for valentines day, he said we will just eat at Palms Resort Hotel ( It is located south of Saipan, and the restaurant is build above a pond with plenty of Japanese Koi fishes, the restaurant also has a nice view of the ocean), it is a bit far from our house but since it is valentines we will be having lunch there after the mass.
I also asked him if I would be receiving a rose from him, he replied: Valentines is on a sunday, so I am not obligated to send you roses LOL...
My husband as I said can be tad romantic at times and there are also times that he would be just to boring (zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Peace daddy). But no matter what I will get and would not get on valentines day, what is more important is how he shows his love for me everyday (:.
Happy wednesday every one!!! Advance Happy valentines day also !!!
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  1. Hehehe! Jenny, pareho pala ang hubby mo at ang akin, minsan romantic at minsan boring...Aba eh may plano pala ang asawa kong magtanim sa bundok kasama ng FIL ko this weekend, nakalimutan sigurong Valentine's Day. Minsan basta magkasama ang mag asawa, kahit sa bahay lang magkayapos, oks na oks na, at nagsasabihan at nagpapakitaan ng sobrang love, would be a great thing, ke Valentine or hindi.

  2. haha!!! kaloka! sunday kaya walang flowers? naku, si mark sinabihan ko na na wag na ako bigyan ng flower kase sabi ko sayang lang, ang mahal.. kaso di sumagot.. tingnan natin kung di nga magbigay.. hehe.. atleast dba kakain kayo sa hotel.. naks!