Friday, February 12, 2010

MM: Message of Love

mommy moments

My Dear Bea,
Hi, honey…
Since you came to our lives, everyday has been the happiest moments in my life, each day is better than the previous ones. As I always say, the day you came to my life is the day that I realized my purpose in life- it is to be your MOMMY.
From your first smile, first cry and all of the firsts that you’ve had be it good or bad, I was there beside you, when you get sick I am the first one to get alarmed and agitated, if only I could take the sickness away, if only I can have your pain so I don’t have to hear you cry in pain even just for an ounce. I remember those days when I would not sleep the whole night just to check up on you, just to make sure your comfortable and that you are alright. See honey even those days, I will surely keep in my heart- it was those days that I am at my best ( not that I like you being sick), those where the days that I feel wanted more than ever.
From your first teeth, first words spoken and your first walk alone I was prouder than ever. I remember you always calling me DADA when you were learning how to talk and every time I correct you and tell you that I am not DADA but Mommy, you would look at me and call me DADA and then you would flash a big smile on your face ( as if to tease mommy). The first time you called me mommy, I almost cry.. I thought the day will never come that I will be a Mommy and here you are calling me Mommy.. I so love hearing you call me Mommy.
Your wit constantly amaze me… from the way you talk, the way you analyze things, the way you give me attitude whenever you don’t get what you want ( dadi said you got that from me (: )I am just so thankful that you turn out to be so smart and outspoken.
Lately, you have shown so much appreciation to all the things I give you-be it big or small everytime I hand you a present or a treat you would touch my face and say Thank you mommy, I love you then followed with a kiss and hug. Oh, how I feel so happy everytime you do that.. Thank you honey!
I am so inlove with you baby every day more than yesterday… Sometimes I look at you at your sleep and I cant help but wonder what I did to deserve you, you are my miracle, the answer to my prayers and my life. I just hope and pray that you continue to grow up as happy as you can be… as smart as your are now( even more) and as good as God wanted you to be.
Happy valentines day Honey and remember mommy will always love you no matter what. Thank you for changing my life and giving me reason to be thankful everyday.

Mommy (:
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  1. Such a touching letter.. Bea is really lucky you're her mom. Happy valentines!

  2. Nakakaluha naman tong messge mo. Wahhhh! minsan walang words ang makapag express ng pagmamahal natin sa ating mga anak. Great entry Mommy Jennie

  3. awwww.. how sweet and loving... thanks for sharing it with us! happy hearts day :) see you again next week!