Friday, February 19, 2010

MM: Valentines Day

A day before valentines day, I told bea we would buy a gift for dadi since it is valentines day. I don't think she really understand what valentines day is all about but she was quite happy we are going out to shop ( she loves shopping especially for her LOL).

After we purchased our gift for dadi she insisted that I also buy her a gift- a GODIVA Chocolate Bar, quite expensive compared to the store brand chocolates a bar cost $4. Anyway I bought her the chocolate as a gift. On our way home she was asking me to buy her a baby ( for the nth time), so i decided to visit a local store which caters to kids, they have a wide variety of toys, clothes and stuff just for kids. I was willing to buy her a baby doll as her present for valentines day after all she love's being a mommy to her doll. We found one that would be perfect- it's a baby alive doll with bottle and all the only problem bea didnt like is the fact that you cannot put real water/milk on the bottle she wants an almost life like baby doll ( o oh! i think someones asking for a sibling!). So we left the store with nothing, she was quite disappointed but I told her I promise to buy her a baby doll that she will like.

At her young age, she dont understand yet what valentines is all about but she was quite happy that we gave dadi a gift, mommy got a rose and she got chocolates..

Im pretty sure next year would be different..

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Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Uhmm I heard another uha uha in your house girl lol anyway here's mine thanks

  2. hahaha, oo nga...she want a sibling...kakatuwa naman :-)...nice phoot though.

  3. We had a different Valentine so far and we're looking forward to next year too. Enjoy the rose and chocolates. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Hehhe good for you have a gift even a little mine wala talaga...hehhe happy mommy moments...

  5. yeah for sure :) they will and will follow what you were doing every vday! :)

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine here

  6. happy mommy moments! i am sure she would grow up to be sweet like mom! :D

  7. hihi. a younger sibling would make a great Vday gift for Bea next year.

    whaddya think Momi?