Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines day celebration!!

We celebrated our valentines day this year with a BANG!!!! hehhehe actually it is the first time that we really celebrated it on the exact day, we usually celebrate a day early or the day after. Last year we celebrated valentines day with our friends we had a beach party. But this year it is just the three of us, we didnt plan on doing anything actually, we just agreed that we would be eating lunch at the hotel after the sunday mass.
On Saturday ( a day before valentines) my hubby had to work overtime and he came home late that night. Bea was so excited to see daddy since we bought daddy a small gift to surprise him. When I opened the door I saw him holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands, I had a big grin on my face since I was not expecting anything. My hubby handed me the flowers and he said, " Sorry baby, the flower shops are already closed, I wanted to buy you flowers but by the time I finished work all of the shops where already closed. I just tried my luck on the gas stations ( they also sell flowers during valentines) and luckily they still have some flowers". I told him the effort was more appreciated than the flowers.

Her is daddy's gift for me (:... thank you so much baby and I love you too..
And here is my hubby with bea and my surprise (: I couldnt think of anything that he might need that time so I decided just to by liquors for his bar... We blow up small balloons and made a small note for him. Don't he look happy?
On with our date ( valentines day), after the mass we planned to eat at a hotel which is approximately 15-20 minutes drive from the church ( if ur leaving in a tiny island like Saipan that is already a long drive). The mass was longer that weve expected and it finished around 12:30 pm, I told hubby that by the time we go to the hotel Lunch time with almost be over ( which is 2 pm). So we decided to try out another hotel, one which is close to the church, when we arrived there was a long line at the restaurant, the staff said we had to fall in line and wait to be seated 'coz all the tables are occupied. We decided not to fall in lince since it would take awhile before we can be seated. We tried anothre hotel but same thing it is full packed.
So i told hubby that we will just make reservations for dinner that night and just have lunch somewhere else. We decided to have lunch instead at a Korean Restaurant ( no lines there).
Bea has already finished eating her lunch ( it was miso soup and rice), so she is up and about climbing everything and anything she could climb on.

Pork bulgogi ( spicy and tasty..... yummy!!)

Dad's fave- Korean Soju ( i guess it is the same as the Philippine gin)

Appetizers, I forgot to take a pic of my order it is Bibimbap ( rice with vegetables, egg and pepper paste), we also ordered Korean Pizza ( it is like a pancake with leeks, seafood and vegetables) -it wasnt that good hehehehhe
On our way home to take a nap... I think it was already around 2:30 pm.
hehehhehe my date...
Dinner time... we had reservations now! LOL... We made reservations at Saipan World Resosrt Hotel... It is a popular hotel expecially among Korean toursist.
They had a special valentines dinner buffet for the guests. They also had entertainment lined up for the customers.
There were lots of food at the buffet table, there were fresh seafood ( oyster, shrimp and tuna-sashimi), they also had roast beef, roast pig ( lechon), shrimp and evegetable tempura, dimsum and different kinds of dishes ( fish, beef, chicken, pork and pasta) they also had soup ( korean soup and crab and corn), the dessert line was bea's favorite-cakes, pies and fresh fruit, they also had ice cream for the kids ( oh my, Bea is on cloud nine hehehhe). There is also lots of drinks from juices, soda, beer, red and white wine. Overall it was a great dinner.
Bartender's exhibit.. that korean bartender is good and he also was smiling during the whole performance..
Chocolate overload :)

Daddy and bea....

The cook showed off his talent in playing the violin.. he mus have played 4 songs..He's good(:

Group performance by the bartenders....
It was a very happy valentines day for the 3 of us.. not because of the great food or entertainment we had, it is because I get to share this very special day to the people who trully make my heart beat faster and who constantly reminds me everyday and every moment that my life is worth living and I am so blessed to have a great family of my own.

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  1. That is a very well deserved Valentine treat to you and your family!Happy Valentine's Day!!You guys surely had a blast!!^_^