Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on my Bea

My bea feels better now... at least she doesnt cry anymore whenever she pees- NO MORE AWIE. Last night we had no choice but to rush her to the Emergency Room since she woke up in her sleep crying and shouting AWIE... apparently she is peeing... Really hard for any mother to see thier child in pain. After spending 4 hours in the Ememrgency Room ( that is why I am hesistant to go to the only hospital here in Saipan, not that there are a lot of patient in the Emergency room- the Hospital is short in Doctors), I prefer going to a private clinic but since bea could not stand the pain anymore we did not have a choice but to go to the hospital.
When we reached the hospital bea is already developing a fever and she is very fussy. They had her urine tested and they gave her a bitter paracetamol which made her vomit ( My frustration level getting higher). I requested for an alternate medicine but the nurse said that is all they have. ( GRRRRRRR). If only my daughter can still manage to wait until monday so we just have to go to a private clinic, but since she is not I had to hold my temper.
After 4 hours ( note that 85% of it was just waiting for a doctor to see us), we were given antibiotics for bea to take 2x a day for the next 7 days. Thankfully after her initial dose, she slept thru the night ( oh, we came home at 2 am already).
Since I am not that confident also with the health care in this island ( like most of the residents here), my husband and I decided that bea needs to have a General check up and we can only avail of that thru off island treatments.
So, bea and I will be coming home to the Philippines on Oct. 30, 2009 we will be arriving in Manila at 11:15 pm and from there go straight to Baguio City. Although it is a bittersweet come back I am still glad that bea will be able to see her grandparents and all my relatives.
I am so nervous going home since we have to go to Nagoya Japan for a 7 hrs and 40 minutes stop over before we can reach manila. I just hope bea can endure the long flight and she behaves the entire time.
My husband will be staying behind since he is busy with his work and I have finished my tax reports due at the end of the month I have more time to spare than he is.
It is so hard for a mom at times like this.... but I will do anything just for my princess to get better...
I am asking all of you for your prayers that my bea will have a good result on her check up in the Philippines and that No more typhoon will come.. Thanks in advance..

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  1. I am sorry that I wasn't able to read this post earlier. I can understand what you're going through, it's so painful to watch our kids being in pain. If only we can just take the pain.

    I had the same situation when Alexandra, she's not even 2 years last April. She cries out when she needed to pee and I can't bear to hear her weeping.

    u can read that, and you will know why I understand what you feel.

    I hope that Bea would feel better.