Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Couple's Corner-The first time we met/dined out

Happy wednesday everyone! It is time again for our couples corner and this week we get to share our experience about the first time we met /dined out with our partners.

The first time I met my husband was around February of 2002, that time I am just about a few months here in Saipan. My mother at that time was in the Philippines to fix a problem we had with my sister ( she got pregnant and my dad who lives with her doesnt have any idea about her condition). It was lonely being alone in our room at the company provided barracks for my mom ( I used to share a room with her), but i took that time to learn how to live independently.

Since I am just new with the company, I was from time to time being assigned to the different business activities of the company. At that time I was assigned at the video shop since the clerk in charge did not report for work.

I still can remember vividly how my prince charming entered the video shop, he was wearing a red shirt which was their uniform =) and the first phrase he blurted was- kamukha mo ung ex-girl friend ( you look like my ex-girlfriend) How rude! LOL. In my mind I told my self this guy is so fresh and he is really annoying. He asked me if he could rent a tape and I asked him to sign a membership form, he said Do I have to? I'm like DUH.... of course naman no( as if friends kami) .

After I got the information from and checked out the tape, he asked me if I have a ride home. I told him I have paid someone to take care of my transportation and then he just said okay.

The next day.... he went back to the video shop during his lunch break he told me he was so disappointed to find out that I was not working their at that time... he came back that afternoon ( i'm usually assigned at the video shop from 5pm-9pm) he asked me again if he could drop me at our home... well what do you know my ever reliable ride just called and he said his car broke down and if I could aske someone from work to drop me at our house instead.

I accepted his offer ( that is the first time that I have done that, hey I am desperate LOL), before we went home he asked if we could eat first as he was startving, I said okay as if I have a choice I am at his mercy LOL. We ate at Jolibee and I think I ordered shanghai rolls and he ordered palabok. Like Mommy Liz I only eat a portion of my meal ( hehehhehe dont want him to have the impression that I ate a lot). After the diner he drop me home and we said our good bye ( like niko- no kiss or hug also)

It was the start of our friendship, back then I was in the process of ending a 3 year relationship to a person I prefer to forget =(, he was there when I needed someone to give me advice, a shoulder to cry on. He has given me the confidence to move one and to realize that I deserve someone better ( meaning HIM)... From the looks of it I think he took advantage of my situation hahahha.

And for the record I don't look like his ex girlfriend.... please I dont want to be associated with them hahahhaha.

How about you how did you meet your partner? Share with us every wednesday.

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  1. I really am loving this Couple's Corner meme hehehe, ang sarap kasi magbasa ng mga love stories lol..

    Kamukha ka pala ng ex gf nya hehehe. If I were you I would have said "Yeah right, kumita na yang line mo nayahahaha". Kala ko sis di pinoy ang hubby mo hehehe..

    Halika na at kiligin sa first meet up nina John and Rose

  2. hahahaaaa!!I guess yun ang naisipan nyang tactic para kunin ang attention mo like ' hey!You look like my ex-GF'lol!!Pati naman ang pagkakataon di pinalampas ng asawa mo lol!!\(^0^)/But glad that you have found a gold in him!!^_^

    Thanks for sharing dear!!I really enjoyed reading the CC entries!!^_^Looking forward for more!!

  3. Ganon?? Parang pang Tele Nobela ang story na to ah, hahahaha! At ang ride mo, nakisama sa sitwasyon. Kamukha ka raw ng ex gf? aba'y buti di mo binato ng DVD sa mata, para nakakita ng maayos, heheh..(joke lang)

    Pero nakakakilig tong entry mo, Dyos me, para bagang gusto kong ma imagine na noong tinanong niya if need pa nyang maging member para maka rent ng video , parang nakita kong ang mata mo eh tumaas baba at sinabing " DUH!" ehehehehe, that was cute.. as if friends kau..that was too funny! I love your entry Jenny, wait ako next week sa mga kasunod pa, wahhhh! ang tagal naman, hehehe, can't wait na ako.

  4. yeah. sometimes. it's just a matter of being there at the right moment. your guy is lucky to be there when you needed him most. he turned out to be your soulmate hiiiihiii.

    my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/10/couples-corner-day-we-metdined-out.html

  5. Blessing in disguiese pala when the car broke down hehehe. Ang cute ng love story nyo sis, parang pelikula, I like that experssion duh! the nerve! as if friends kami hehehhe.

    Im loving this Couples Corner meme talaga, ang daming real love story na nakakakilig.

    Thanks for sharing, mine is up now.


  6. oo nga parang isang sequel ito ng Your song o maala-ala mo kaya .. hehe ang saya nman ng love story niyo..

    Heres mine :