Friday, October 23, 2009


mommy moments

Happy Friday Everyone!

Its another day for our Mommy Momments and for this weeks topic it's the dreaded tantrums. My bea has bouts of tantrums almost everyday probably because she is in her terrible two's phase ( hehehehe). Whenever she wants something she cries... even before I can understand what she wants she is already wailing her heart out.

It is hard for parents expecially mommies to deal with tantrums... I for one gets crazy whenever my sweet angel throws her tantrum fits. At times Ill just be quiet and ignore her then she will stop but most of the time if you ignore her she will cry more.... if you console her she will cry even more ..... It is a constant battle dealing with tantrums.

What usually works for bea is when I Yell at her and warn her that if she doesnt behave she would have to go to time out... she hates being placed on a corner (LOL). But sometimes that doesnt work also... That will be the time I would really be quiet and just look at her in the eye and dont say a word.. she would know by then that I am M_A_D and it is time for her to stop whinning...

What I love about my daughter is after her tantrum fits she would come to me and kiss me and say Mommy... sorry...

I still have a long way to go before my daughter outgrews this toddler stage and I am thinking by that time I would already have a full head of gray hair... lucky if I dont get bald by that time LOL.

This is my bea last saturday, she was asking for ice cream before she even ate her lunch.. of course I said NO.... I was scolding her that is why she looks like this ... I posted this pic on my friendster account and my dad who saw this pic immediately texted me and asked why I am making my daughter cry ( Hay, Grandparents!)

and there you go........

That's really how she cries... tears falling down like river.... shouting like we are on top of the mountain.... Really make me crazy....

How about you how does your kids show their tantrum fits? Share with us on Mommy Momments...

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  1. Terrible twos are really terrible.. no wonder your heart really goes out when she cries.. look at those eyes. Happy MM!

  2. Wahhhhhhhhh to the max ang sumpong ni pretty bea hehehehe.. Pretty pa din sya kahit umiiyak..

    By the way sis pls vote for our princess ha? To cast your vote, please go to this link. Please look for Jillian Rylie Cottrill.

    If you already casted your vote, ignore mo na lang to..Thank you very much!

    Here's to handling tantrums for my makukulits

  3. they always say their sorry after their tantrums and that's the sweetest part.

  4. he he.. what a big mouthy sis.. My litle girl is also like that.. It would be a lucky day for us if it would pass without her shows..

  5. Mommy, kids will do everything to know how far they can go, for us to give in. 4 kids I have, and all of them have different ways of getting what they want. The one I am dealing right now is my 3 year old, who wants everything when we go to the store. She was throwing a tantrum one day coz she wanted a toy, i said NO, and she knocked down the displays at the shelf, she thinks she can get away with it. I told her, I was leaving, and she came running towards me crying. I told her, she can go back to the shelf and fix all the toys that she knocked down. She did, and she didn't get anything anyways..It worked..

    Speaking of gray hair, I have lots of those, and my hair is thinning now because of all the stress my kids cause me everyday, but I love them to death that I don't mind being bald, hahaha! Have a great day!

  6. nice post... thanks for sharing.. its really a challenge for us moms to act as adults while the kids wail and whine....

  7. Aww she is ADORABLE!
    She has a Beautiful face!
    Here is "My Mommy Moment♥"<--Hope you like it☺
    Have a Great Day!