Thursday, October 1, 2009

Girl's talk- MY FAVORITE BAG =)

For this weeks theme on Girl's Talk, its my favorite bag. I have loved bags eversince I can remember, the more I have the happier I am LOL. In college, I could only afford the one that is being sold in flea markets or if I saved up for it I can buy the one sold in the department stores =), before I left the Philippines to come here and work I must have left around 15 or more bags to hand down to my sister and my cousins ( we are mostly girls in our clan ).
My husband doesnt understand why I have to buy different kinds of bags to him it is all the same. I still do save for the bag that I want to buy, what I do is to go to DFS to check the bags they are selling then go home and check ebay ( smart huh?) you will be amazed on how much cheaper it is to buy in ebay than in retail stores. I don't mind buying previoulsy owned bag, its just like buying it from the "ukay-ukay" which is very famous in Baguio City, where I came from.
Last night, I went thru my closet to check my favorite bags LOL... and I didnt notice I have a lot already, so I told myself for this year no more buying for me. Ill just save my extra money for my hubby's 2nd wish list- blu ray player ( the wish list never stops LOL) and I am planning to buy bea a complete baby set the one with pretend crib, stroller, car seat and swing for her baby dolls, she's into that lately.
So here are my fave, bags It used to be more but i already sent the others to my sister back home. Can you see I am not really into bags HAHAHHAHA.
Picture 1- *the white one is coach which I sometimes use as a diaper bag, t*he black one is from Maxx New York ( i gave my sister a white one -she's a nurse), *the colorful one is from Lesport sac, its a bday gift from my hubby 3 yrs. ago, * the brown one is also from coach, its my gift to myself for my birthday last year, * the orange one is from Gap-would you believe that the seller is mystica ( a singer from the Phils. who always splits on stage LOL), * the brown one ismy hubby's gift just for nothing (aww) it is from Dooney & Bourke.
Pic 2: these are all from Ralph Lauren , the balck and white plaid I also use as a diaper bag when where going out, I think I bought these a couple of years back and I just paid less than $30 for all.
These are my favorite bags of all, I can't afford buying Hermes, LV or channel even on ebay so I just settled for COACH ( you can find great deals with this brand on ebay).
The Big Black bag is my favorite from this collection, coz it is so big I can put a lot inside, even bea's sippy cup, snacks and even extra clothes and toys. My latest purchase is the black and gray cross body bag, I have seen one smaller like this in DFS and it cost $248 and I only purchased it on ebay for less than $50.
As you can see I am not really into bags LOL.
How about you share with us your favorite bag. Join us on girl's talk every thursday.
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Happy thursday everyone =)


  1. ow what a collection!!!! weeeeeeh! dami niyan ah.. what i love most is the white, the biggest one.. am so into big bags tlga.. pag weekends diaper bag :D pag weekdays ofc bag hehehe

    kaloka si hubby mo prang hubby ko.. haba ng wish list :) ikaw si mrs santa kasi eh :) hehe

    thanks for joining jen ha.. thanks tlga..

    anyways i have a tag for you! have a nice day!

    mwah mwah

  2. Wow, lots of bags! And nice ones too. Just like Niko, I also like the white Coach bag. :)

  3. I love the white bag in the first photo, same with Niko. It is very classic and surely won't get out of fashion.

  4. Geeeee!!What a collection of your fave bags!!Hinde ka nga mahilig sa bags lol!!^_^I love that white Coach of yours--I love simple ones kasi eh!^_^

  5. You are indeed into bags...parang collection na rin..ewan kaya no kong bakit mahilig tau jan kahit pa tweet ng tweet mga hubby natin...basta, ang alam ng mga girls bags are beautiful... your bags are all nice...great collection..dadami pa yan for sure..girls can't resist beautiful bags!...hehehe

  6. Your collection looks very urban - do you like Zosephine?