Thursday, October 15, 2009

Girl's talk-fave Shoes

It's Thursday already and I forgot to take a picture of my shoes =). Luckily, I can go to the stores website and get an image from there.

I usually wear flat shoes whenever I am with my daughter or if I am not in the office. I have a history of tripping down and I do not want to have an accident while I am carrying my daughter. I bought this shoes last week to pair with a dress that I bought for an occassion.

The 2nd shoe, I use it whenever I am out with friends, it is cute but Ive used it only a couple of times the leather straps are hard and its not comfortable, but I still like it as they say Beauty is Pain =).

The last pic is pretty much how my office shoes looks like. It is very hot here in the islands and strappy heels are recommended.

And when I am just running my errands like grocery shopping or bargain hunting I would usually wear flip flops.

How about you? share us your fave shoes at Girl's talk.

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  1. wow , i love that black flats of yours sis.. Nice naman nyan..

  2. I love the design of the second shoes but I can't wear them--mukhang paa ng manok kasi ang paa ko dear lol!!Lucky you coz you can wear those sexy strappy heels!!I bet you look good on it!!^_^

  3. wow I love the high heels, naah but cant wear them already grrr

  4. I like the first shoe: black flat shoes. ;) Lovely collection you have though.

    My Favorite Shoes are here. :D

  5. oi bigla ako napawow sa 2nd pic mo!!! love it.. pero carry ko yan kahit masaktan bsta cuteness naman go go go ako hahaha

    thanks for joining jen ha.. see u next week for our fave dress..

    anyways, am not feeling well since this morning.. naku sa sat pa nmn na ang aming palawan.. help me pray for a nice weather ha.. miss our chika hihih

    i know ur busy! ingat lagi..

  6. love the DExter sandals..pero diko alam if bagay sa akin ang white footwear..

  7. Ang gaganda naman ng mga shoes mo! mga elegante, di ako pwede sa may heels, mamimitig ang aking binti, hehehe.. sanay ako sa paragatos, hahaha!

    Ako rin si Rodliz, just in cas.. i am following your blog na ha..

  8. I kinda like the white one, its cute!

    Here's my sapatos

  9. the last one is too sexy! sana meron ako nito..:)

  10. me likey the flats! hihi.. di kasi din ako mahilig sa heels.

    anyways, here's my entry for this week:

  11. wow I love your collection of favorites... esp. the Dexter

  12. oh! i love your shoes! they are all so girly.:) especially the last one, ang sexy.:)

    my entry is here.