Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girl's Talk- Favorite Dress

Oh my, It's thursday already? Im a little happy that the week is almost over but at the same time a little bit hesitant to enjoy my weekend knowing that on monday will be the same hectic work week for me. The good news is, Tax reports are due next friday, so after that week, I can continue my bloghopping.

To all those who left comments... THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY BLOG.... I so love you... Promise i'll get back to you as soon as I am free.

Anyway, It's another week for our Girl's Talk and this week we get to talk about our fave dresses. When I am working in the office I usually would wear black trousers and a blouse, or sometimes whenever I feel like it I would wear a simple dress.

Here are some of my dresses.... It is simple but it is super comfy =)

Above picture is what I would usually wear at home, my ever favorite DUSTER ( sun dress- philippine version. LOL) It is roomy and comfortable expecially fitting in this hot weather in our tiny island... I intended to take a picture of the ones I have at home but it would be a disgrace to show them here... They have already served their purpose and went way beyond.. =)
Enjoy us at Girl's talk every thursday and get the chance to bond with us Girl's.
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  1. comfy fits with the kind of climate we have here in Philippines..

  2. Girly ka pala pag manamit sis.. Nice choices..

  3. I love the second pic--ang ganda ng kulay and I believe I don't have a sun dress pinoy version here lol!!Nakaka-miss na ring mag suot ng duster lalo na kung mainit ang panahon!^_^

  4. Wow, great dresses you got here. I am into solid dresses, but I don't hardly ever wear picture lang, hahaha!

  5. I love the purple one, pd pahiram joke! hehehe mine is up I hope u could take a peek heres mine

  6. The first one is my fave! So awesome!

  7. nice collection of favorite dresses.. it is really important na comfortable ang suot natin kasi kahit gaano kaganda, kamahal, at kasexy kong hindi naman comfortable..wala rin.. nice post

    mine is here

  8. i love the black one my dear.. its soooo cute!!!!

    naku busy tlga ang mga beauty naten lately.. i cant blog hop too.. omg :(

    thanks for joining jen ha.. see u next week for our fave accessories naman..

    ingat lagi! and dont work toooo hard! see u..