Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Couples Corner #1 Meet Mr. & Mrs. Patawaran =)

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This is the first week of Mommy Liz' Meme and I have invited myself to join this weekly meme, =) as much as I am busy in the office I love participating in weekly meme's I have Pixel Bug for monday, Couple Corner for wednesday, Girl's talk on Thursdays and Mommy Momment's on Fridays. I have Tuesday open so anyone who has a meme for that day please invite me LOL.
Anyway, I would like to introduce myself, My name is Jeniffer ( jenny, jen or kikay (from my mom)), I was born and raised in Baguio City Philippines. I am the youngest of two ( I have an older sister- J0-anne) My dad is from La union and Isabela but he too was born and raised in Baguio City and My Mom is from Imus Cavite.
I went to an exclusive all Girl's School in Highschool to avoid having a boyfriend in an early age. I went to college at Saint Louis University and graduated with a degree in Accounting. I had my first boyfriend a year after I graduated college!
I am a very shy person at first and it takes a little while before I warm up to the person but once I do I will surely be a friend for keeps =). My mother calls me tiger because she says when I am mad I am scary hahahhah. I am a simple girl who is contented with the simple things in life.
I am now a mom to my precious angel Breana Ysabel and has been out of the Philippines since August 2001. I am now located in a tiny island called Saipan which is now home for my little family. I am now working as an accountant for a closed family held corporation with different subsidiaries and I have been with them since August of 2002.
My husband on the other hand is Jun ( BIENVENIDO JR.), he is the 2nd child ( 2 brothers) on his mothers side, but on his dad's family he is the 10th child, he is not that close to his dad's first family up until now so, I am not sure how many brother or sister he has on his dad's side.
He is from San fernando, Pampanga, due to his complicated family life he wasnt able to attend college and instead work at a machine shop as a mechanic at a young age of 17, He came to Saipan on January 1997 and he first worked for a tire shop at a Shell gas station for a couple of years then he was assigned to tanker driver and then eventually was promoted Operations Supervisor at his present company now.
My husband is very quiet and he is very dedicated with his work that sometimes I feel Im competing for attention against his job ( that's how dedicated he is). He is such a goof ball when it comes to our daughter bea, he would do anything and everything just to make my baby laugh. He has taught me so many things but the most important thing he has taught me is the value of SAVING, he turns over every cent of his paycheck to me and in return I only have to make sure I deposit a fixed amount on our account every month.
Well that's it for our introduction... Why dont you join us also on couples corner every week... it would be fun.
Happy Wednesday every one =)


  1. Hi girl this is quiet a nice post, bilib ako sa husband mo despite of the hardship he still able to reach his dreams bilib ako sa inyong mag asawa

  2. Hi sis, Glad to know your background here. So you're in Saipan pala and I see you have met your precious there too..

    Hope to hear from you more on the next topics in this meme..

    By the way sis, ex link tau ha.. I'll add your blog in my favorite blog list.. Hope you could do the same. Thanks

  3. Wow!!, Jenny, thank you so much for joining this Meme, I love it that you did. Like what I said, everyone is invited. Nag goosebump naman ako pagbasa sa intro ni hubby mo, parang super ideal hubby, lucky you sis, actually pareho tayong lucky. You were raised in Baguio eh di Ilocano ka met? You had a great life growing up, and great life until now. Your kid is blessed with both wonderful parents. Now, her life is secured..

    Have a great day to you and your family. How is Saipan? cold din ba dyan?

  4. Nice story!!! Nice meeting both of you as well...

    Up on my rounds...

    mine is up as well!

    Mr. and Mrs...

  5. hahahaa!!Pareho pala tayo ng sinasalihan ng fun meme's!!
    Lucky you to have a responsible father to Bea and a good husband to you!Ang galing talaga ng fun meme--we start knowing each other through this!^_^

  6. aww!!! another accountant on board.. I am not one, but my hubby is. LOL! I wanna join Girl Talk too. It's my second meme and I love it knowing other mom's stories, specially this kind, a love story that will inspire every wife. See yah around sistah jen! mwuah!

  7. oi u are free on tuesdays! visit my blogger friend's blog.. Tuesday Couch Potatoes :)

    seee u! :) hihihih

    thakns for the well wishes jen!! mwah mwah