Monday, October 12, 2009

PB Weekend--- food fest!


It's Monday once again, another stressful work week up ahead =(.
Our weekend was great, YAY it didnt rain, I must have washed 6 loads of laundry from saturday to sunday. It was a very busy day for me, My hubby rewarded me with a dinner date for all my hard work =).
We went to our favorite thai restaurant, We ordered their famous fried rice, beef in red curry, fried kangkong and seafood soup for bea ( if only I can remember their thai name).
Here I am with my princess, who was so behaved during the time I was so busy doing with my household stuff.. Thanks to Barney and Dora for keeping my daughter preoccupied. I only have to stop once in a while to give her a cookie, ice cream cone and juice and also to teach her how to dance "Nobody but you" LOL. ( I think their teacher taught them at school and she was practicing in our house ).
Bea's seafood soup, she's into noodles and pancit =)

My fave fried kangkong, i just found out that they use "tausi/ fermented black beans" for taste.

Hubby's fave- beef red curry- they put basil and a lot of other thai spices which I plan to learn someday =)

Signature fried rice- with shrimps, egg and tomato, bea like this a lot.
Bea, having a taste of mommy's iced tea with milk, by the way her water bottle isnt filled with tea it just changes its color from green to orange whenever you put cold water in it.
How about you how was your weekend? Join us every monday on Pixel Bug Weekend, It's fun.
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  1. Wahhhhhhhhhh can I have some of those kangkong, buti pa kayo dyan you have kangkong hehehe..

    Now I know where Bea gets her sweet smile hehehe..

    Here's how we spend pixel bug weekend.

    heto ulit ako nangangampanya for your vote today for Rylie. Salamat Ulit! Balik ako bukas hehehe..

  2. wow! sarap! i would surely enjoy washing loads of laundry if i would be rewarded with a feast like this, hehehe..

    i hope you can visit my pixelbug posts too!

  3. had such a great time with your family!