Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who says we can't have fun when there's typhoon?

This video was taken last saturday night when we were expecting Typhoon Melor to hit our tiny island. Luckily we still have power and cable ( we can't watch anything on TV if we dont have cable =( ).

My hubby was watchign news on his TV while bea was watching one of her Barney tape on her portable dvd player. She loved Barney's song so much, whenever she hears songs from Barney she would sing along and even dance, just like in the video... luckily daddy was also in the mood to dance to the tune of Barney =) aren't they cute?

P.S. to all those who commented on my previous blog, thank you so much.... I appreciated it. I am just so busy now in the office ( quarterly tax filings are due this month and i had so much on my hand right now, but i still manage to check my blog and post one entry =) ). I promise to visit al of your blogs as soon as i free up my hands.... Thanks again.....

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