Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girl's Talk-Fave Perfume

Its thursday already? =) Time really flies before we know it would be Year 2010 already whew \(^o^)/. I am busy as a bee in the office, I hate tax seasons =(, but I cannot miss niko's meme plus I love talking all girly.
Anyway this week's theme is our favorite perfumes. I really prefer mild scent perfumes and I dont want oil based since the scent last for a long time. I get dizzy when I smell someone who put more than the required amount of perfume.
This is a gift from my hubby for our wedding anniversary last year, I am so picky with regards to perfume that he had a hard time buying me a present. LOL. I loved the smell plus it came with a purple pouch bag and a body lotion ( which my mother asked me to give her).
This is my ultimate favorite, it is also the only perfume I can tolerate smelling when I was pregnant. It's scent is very light and refreshing plus I also like drinking green tea hahahhahahha not that I am drinking this perfume LOL.
How about you share us what's your fave perfume and join us every thursday on girl's talk.
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  1. Wow, parang ang bango naman, I just won't be able to find out what does it smell like, coz of my worst Sinus allergy that I get really sick if I smelled something really strong. I dont' wear any perfume, I can only wear unscented stuff. I love your choice of perfume, and the bottles looks so great.. Have a great time..

    Here's mine, if you get a chance to blog hop..

    please visit my other blogs too if given the opportunity.. Thanks

  2. i think the last one has a refreshing smell.

  3. Cool! This Green Tea Scent Therapy sounds really interesting... hmmm ;)

    My first Girls Talk entry is here.

  4. Wow, I love the first one! So unique..

    Here's my fragrances

  5. wow nakita ko ulit ang lavender na perfume ng bulgari.. i really have to smell that one.. mukang mabango nga eh.. :)

    thanks for joining jen ha kahit busy ka at tax season :) hihih see u again next week.. fave shoes naman!

    ingat lagi! mwah mwah

    wla na ba bagyo jan?

  6. I love your Bvlgari perfume!!My hubby fave perfume is from Bvlgari(men),too!!

  7. naku pareho tayo- fave ko din ang omnia amethyst..its so bango talaga.

    i got intrigued din with the EA Green Tea- ill check it out next time im in the mall.

    great choices.