Monday, October 5, 2009

PB Weekend-Typhoon Melor =)


It's another week of pixel bug and I must say our weekend was wet, wet and wet. Friday last week the Governor has declared Tyhpoon Conditon II ( unlike in the philipines the strongest typhoon signal here is I which is vice versa in the philippines). Lunch time I went grocery shopping to buy essential stuff such as noodles, canned goods, candles and bea's snacks ( those belong to the list of essential things LOL). The line at the grocery store was very long it took me about 20-30 minutes to get done. I got to go home early that day to prepare our house for SUPER TYPHOON MELOR. I picked up bea from daycare and headed home.

The expected SUPER TYPHOON was supposed to hit our location late friday night and early saturday. We were expecting for the worst since it has been so long that we had any typhoon hit our location. Needless to say we thought of waking up with damaging winds and heavy down pour, but we woke up with just a slight gusts of wind and a little more than our usual rain but the sky was dark. Thank God the typhoon missed our tiny islands again but I wish it would also miss the Philippines.

Anyway, we still make the most from our weekend, bea and I stayed home and waited for my hubby to finish his work at 1 pm. I cooked BULALO just in time for the cold weather... yumm =)

Wouldnt my daughter's smiel brighter even your darkest day?

Lunch with my princess.... she loved it and ate a lot..

Perfect for the cold wet weather.

The weather outside.... rainy and windy..

The dark sky above.

Good thing we were able to go to church the next day and still have our bonding time.

How about you how was your weekend. Share with us at Pixel Bug weekend.

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Happy monday everyone.


  1. Hmmm.. I love bulalo soup. Perfect for the weather! Hope everything's fine with you and your family!

  2. typhoon... hope we will be typhoon free next weekend!

  3. Hello sis, buti di masyadong malakas yung bagyo dyan sa inyo..

    Here is my entry hope you can take a peek Seeyah!


  4. wow! bulalo, sarap nyan sis! :-)

    scary naman yung hangin.. buti safe kayu :-)

  5. yup! Bulalo, always perfect for me anytime time of the day, wet or dry.

  6. hi jenny,

    am sorry ngaun lang kta nabalikan ha. ive been very busy.. naku singit na lng ang chika sa blog :)

    anyways, good to know u and ur family are safe.. kami rin medyo nkpag gala pa nga kmi last weekend.. i love bea's smile.. kawala ng pagod!

    ingat kau jan lagi!

  7. Wow!!Is that a bulalo soup,sistah?Glad to hear that the typhoon didn't have worst affect there in Saipan.Bea's smile brighten up my day!!^_^

    Have a nice day!!^_^