Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what a scene =)

As I mentioned onmy previous blog, I have started my power walk. I planed to jog every day at the beach path for a long time now, but I only had the chance to start it last week since everytime I plan to do so something always comes up. I am happy that I got the chance to start my power walk, plus I get to expose bea more to the outside world. She is also so happy to be out of our house and just see other people, whenever she sees fellow joggers she would waive her hand and say- HI GOOD DAY! with matching smile and then say SEE YOU LATER =).

Only thing I have to make sure she has her snacks with her, First we have to go to McDonalds drive tru to buy a happy meal or chicken nuggets for her then off to the pathway we go. I also need to bring juice, milk and water just in case she wants of one of those plus her chicken and cookie too.

Imagine seeing us in the pathway, while I am busy with my power walk and pushing a stroller with a very heavy girl ( which is not that bad since her weight helps more in my power walk). So, I am busy trying to loose weight, sweat and everything while my princess is munching on her snack a lot of people who sees both of us can't help but smile when they see us.

Here is a picture of my bea while munching on a wafer stick=)
The beach pathway where I jog/power walk, its and added plus that I get to jog/power walk everyday, just feeling the cool breeze of the ocean while you are catching your breath is a wonderful feeling....
Have a Happy wednesday everyone =)

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