Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boy's and their toys =)

My husband has been bugging me about buying a new TV for months already. I keep on asking him if he wants it or needs it? He would answer I want it ... coz I need it.. LOL. I was saving up for his wish since november of last year I even joined our local bank Christmas Club. It is also like a savings account but you have to make deposits twice every month the club runs from november to october of the following year. After the club closes the bank will send you out a check for your savings plus interest which higher than most banks offer. Oh did I mention that you cannot withdraw from that account unless you want to close it. Pretty good huh?.

Anyway I was expecting to buying my husbands wish after I get my check from the club. But he has constantly bugs me about that TV even when we are cuddling Grrrrrrrr. And it doesnt help that our bank where we put our savings is inside a wareshouse store which sells just about everything including those LCD TV. Just looking at my husband face while I am falling in line to make a deposit he's eyes glued to those TV's... funny thing is the line going to the bank is just right beside the display of those TV's its just like teasing the depositors to take their money and just buy one of those =).

As my previous blog stated last sunday we went window shoppign for LCD TV's after lunch we were on a hunt for the most reasonable pirce for an LCD TV. We went to each and every store that sells LCD TV's. I wasnt plannig to buy that TV yet we were jsut window shopping... probably because I felt sorry for my husband, his face would light up when he see's one of those and he would look disappointed when we go out of a store empty handed... After much deliberation and discussing where we will get the money to pay for an LCD TV I gave in... after 4 hours of searching for an LCD TV we went home with a 47' LCD TV, a very happy husband, a sleepy baby and a very poor wife =(.

The mornign after, finally my bea got the chance to watch dora on the big screen =)
Yesterday, I asked bea to pose and she ran to the TV and posed LOL.

Yesterday, my husband just lounging and enjoying his TV.

Watching her fave dvd... DORA while dad is taking a shower, she took the opportunity to watch dora on the big screen...
The day the TV came home.... LOL after 2 movies I insisted on watching TFC heheheh.... pictured is Boy Abunda doing and interview with Vilma Santos hahhahah
One can never put a price on happiness... Although this TV cost quite a bunch.. seeing my hubby happy and contented is worth the price.. So now i have a bigger TV in our room, plus bea has the small TV in her playroom so we can watch 3 shows simultaneously =) much electricity...


  1. hehehe looking at pictures... it seems like my hubby didnt chage his shorts.... dont worry I laundry that one on sunday night ... might be his fave =)

  2. oh jenny you are such a sweeet wife! i have been helping hubby save for that LCD TV since summer but our savings since empty since we have to touch it every now and then :D now he is wishing to win on their christmas give away if only i can give him that wish right away i would heheh :)

    about daniel's project, please post it so a lot of bloggers would do the same.. i call it blogger power :) the sooner we accumulate lots of 3$ the better :)

    thanks a lot for the support! are u joining my thursday meme?? i am inviting u to join! :) lets talk girly weekly ha :)