Friday, September 11, 2009

My little genius =)

Here is my bea studying after we came home from school and mcdonalds... Usually she would fall asleep while we are driving home from mcdonalds and even after we arrrive at our house she would still be sleeping.... poor thing probably tired from all that playing from school...
Usually she would ask for a book..... where she can write and doodle.... whenever she would see numbers she would pretend on knowing how to tell which number it is.... She already knows how to count from 1 to 16 and even from uno to kinse ( thanks to dora )... but she still cannot tell how a number would look.... but were on the process of teaching her that...

She also now knows how to decipher color... she can identify blue( her fave color-probably beacause it is the easiest to memorize LOL), red, yellow, green, pink,orange, purple, black and white ( to which she would say wipes Hehehe). She also knows to identify animals and shapes....

Since enrolling at daycare/school the list of songs that she knows are larger... One time when we are cuddling before going to sleep.... she was singing to her dad .... we can decipher... jesus... love you and the other we just pretended we understood =) at the end of her song she was saying ehm... ehm.... ehm we are wondering what that was.... until one day i asked her to pray and i told her to say amen.... then she sing that song again and the last part of her song instead of ehm she said amen.... my husband and i looked at each other and we both said-- ah, so that is what ehm is , its for amen (heheheh)
See how concentrated my little genius is =)..
To every mom, any small accomplishment their child does is already tantamount to the making of a genius.... and I am no exception from them... =)
Happy weekend =)

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