Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here is another video of my baby... whenever I am taking a picture of her she would always run to me and say "Can I see?" Instead of saying can (Ken) she would always say can (Kan) LOL... She is so curious that every little thing she wants to see and touch even the scary lizards outside our house yaiks!..

She is also into FLAGS lately, every mornign whenever i drop up to her school we would always pass by the Court house, police stations and fire department and she would always say "mommy where's the flag?" and i would point to them one by one, whenever she sees where the flags are she would always flash a wide grin on her face that would make my day... If only she wouldn't cry so much whenever I leave her in the daycare... that would really make my day =)


  1. oh leaving our child really is heart breaking.. good thing for me when i have to leave her every mornng she is still sleeping :)

    how we wish we can bring them to work noh??

    we can be friends! :) apir! good luck to blogging! :)

  2. I agree.. Your advantage is you are with your family and you get help from them sadly.... it is just me, my hubby and my bea who is here =) so lonely.... so i have to entrust my precious one to the care of strangers =( that is why i can't wait to see her after work.... It just would melt your heart seeing her with a wide grin on her face and very proud that her mom came an pick her up as promised...

    Thanks for you friendship..... i am getting addicted to blogging na din ( hahhahah dami post for one day)..... pero i still bow down my hands to you =)