Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl's Talk- "I LOVE ME"

For this week’s first ever “Girl’s Talk” theme is I LOVE ME, as niko has said we have to answer the question Why I love being a girl.
I love being a girl because;

· GIRL’S ARE MEANT TO BE PAMPERED- May it be from your father, husband, boyfriend or suitor even from your mother’s girls are bound to be pampered and showered with love and affection.

· GIRL’S ARE BORN WITH A HEART OF GOLD- Our hearts are so big that it is able to love millions and even care for more. But worst comes to worst a girls heart can also be made with steel and endure and withstand any trials that comes her way and still be able to rise above each and every occasion.

· GIRL’S CAN TALK ABOUT JUST ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN- Promise! even the littlest things in the world girl’s can talk about it. Try becoming a mom and you can even talk about your kids pee and poop =)

· GIRL’S ARE FLEXIBLE- we girl’s can easily adapt to any situation that we are put in. We can be tough when we have to, but we can be soft just like that in an instant.

· GIRL’S EASILY CRY- it is one of our way to ease up the burden and the pain that we have inside, but beware after all those tears we will definitely be up on our feet again ready to face the world and whatever it will throw along our way.

· Lastly, we girl’s are simply AMAZING=) need I say more?
How about you? Do you like being a girl? Please join us every week at Girl's Talk and let's talk all Girly.

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  1. I like the second! Yes, we are born with a heart of gold. And we are born to care! And just like gold, our hearts are made to last any trials! :) Thanks for thinking of this! :)

  2. yes we are very flexible. in fact we overpower men in worst situations.


  4. i agree with everything you said here especially the number 2!

  5. these are the reasons why i love being a girl! because we are capable of so many things and we complement the men in our lives.

  6. everything you said is true.. girls are superwomen na with your list.. so true so true :)

    thanks for joining ha. and for supporting $3 for daniel project. see u next week jen!

    hugs & kisses

  7. i do agree with no.2..kahit sensitive tayo at iyakin , still we could endure and rise above the hardships with gracefulness...

    Mine is here:

  8. i agree with all your answers girl. we girls are indeed flexible and can easily adapt to different situations. we have perhaps perfected the art ENDURANCE? hehehe!

  9. i agree that we girls can talk about anything under the sun. guys are very reserved when it comes to speaking their minds out, no?

    btw, here's my entry:

  10. I like your answers girl! gusto ko ding pina-pamper ako hehhe ^_^ I also like this GIRLS TALK MEME ni niko.