Friday, September 4, 2009

my little chocoholic..........=)

Above are pictures of my daughter taken last night.... She Loves CHOCOLATES!!!!! she calls them TSU'KU-LATE... LOL and lately she already knows where we put her stash of chocolates that she would hold on to her daddy's hands and tell her dad "come dadi... come" and leading her way infront of our refrigerator and tell her dad """ OPEN..... OPEN" and of course the dad would open the fridge's door who can resist a little girl who would use her pleading voice and pleading eyes to get what she wants...... Smart girl huh?
Now.... as you can see in the pictures she is all smiles while eating her chocolates... You should see us when it is time for me to brush her teeth... she would wail to her hearts content -to which i am scared my neighbor would call the cops and report child abuse LOL that is how bad she cries when it is time to brush her teeth....

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