Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tired.... exhausted....

Today I am not feelign my usual self.... come to think of it I havent been for a week now. I feel tired, exhausted and stressed out... Probably from all the deadlines I have to meet at the office, being all alone in the office means, I have to be the secretary, accountant and even manage the business.... and on top of that as soon as I'm off from work I am hands- on mommy to my bea.

To add to my dilemma it has been a very very hot couple of days.... to which i felt I am overheating (LOL). Because of the heat I had to take shower before going to bed which is not good since after bath i would go straight to our room which by then would be very cold from the aircon because my baby is already sleeping and she can't sleep without the aircon =). So now, I am also sick with colds =(.... poor me.

Hope i get better soon...... LOL

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