Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's up with the naked Dolls?

I recently have noticed that my bea prefers her toys to be naked, whenever she sees a toy with its clothes on she would immediately take it off. I usually put it back on whenever I am picking up her toys and fixing her playroom. But last saturday when i asked her to stay in her play room so mommy can finish doing the laundry. She keeps on coming back and forth to me bringing each and every toy she has with clothes and saying " Mommy, take out, take out" while pulling off the clothes of the doll.
I told her to just leave it there and I even told her the dolls look better with their dress on and she answered "No, I don't Like", she recently learned how to say that phrase used to be whenever I asked her something and she doesnt want it she would just say "NO" and then shake her head, but now whenever she doesnt want anything may it be food, her vitamins or a toy she doesnt want she would always sa "NO, I DON'T LIKE.
Here are some of the toys she undressed while playing. Good thing for Dora she has underpants =)

The baby's has different outfits which came in the box but she does'nt want them wearing it, so I just leave them naked also.

Now, they are just naked I fear one day she would have the obsession of taking their heads off =).

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