Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Help!! Playmates wanted =)

Since moving into a better apartment ( our old one has constant water and termite problem). It has been hard for us to look for a playmate for our bea. Almost all of our neighbors are Koreans thereby limiting our prospective playmates pool because of language barrier. The Filipino neighbors that we have are so private that I seldom see them and acutally I dont know any one of them except for my husbands co worker who lives in another building. We occassionaly have some visitors and my bea would have playmates every now and then but on the times that she doesnt have anybody to play with and mommy is busy doing chores, she doesnt have any choice but to play with daddy.
It is so funny to see a 5'10 grown up man hold a baby doll and even pretend to rock the baby to sleep with matching dance =). He must really love my bea to be doing that=) ( my husband is so manly that he gets mad at me for asking him to put our washed undies to air dry outside our house- he feels ashamed that somebody might see him :( ).

Pretending to put baby to sleep- with macthing props a nap mat and blanket =)
Here is my daddy LOL, his baby is already asleep =) see even his baby has a blanket LOL.
Since giving bea, another sibling is very hard hahahhaahah. I am appealing to anybody out there who can loan their child so my bea can atleast have a decent playmate LOL.

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