Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moment's-That's my favorite!

the mommy journey

For this weeks theme it is "That's my favorite"

Bea has a lot of favorite and I have chosen a few pics with some of her favorites.

For christmas last year, we bought her a slide set. She has loved that slide the minute she saw it at the store. Unfortunately, due to her rapid height growth she is now too big for that slide and she hasnt even used it for a year =(.

Here is a pic of my bea on her slide.
Another favorite of bea is reading books, whenever she sees a book she would flip the pages and pretends to read it=).
Did i mention she loves DORA =) this is a picture of her while she was talking a nap. She just loves dora so much that when I bought her sheet sets which has Dora all over she gave me a big wet kiss and said thank you mommy =)

Here she is at one of the playpark, as i said she barely fits her own slide, so from time to time we bring her to the park to play and have a chance to mingle with other kids.

She also loves playign baby dolls, sometimes she even asks them if they peed or pooed ( just like mommy would ask her) she would even say "let me see" and say "eww" you poopoo then cover her nose and say "stinky" LOL.

Her Dora bed ( which we already sold, since she is getting bigger by the minute =) ).

Another pic with her baby. The doll is holding her own feeding bottle, what's funny is whenever bea is playing with this doll she would ask her baby if she want dede... but instead of giving it to her baby she would put the dedeto her mouth and say.... ummmmm delicioso hehehheheh

Of course who could forget barney.... she also loved him as much as she loves dora.
She used to love going to the beach... but now she always say she wants to go but she wails her heart out when she takes a dip.

How about you.. what's your kids favorite. Join us every friday, it's fun.


  1. Oh I love her Dora bed and Dora sheets.. My girl loves Dora too but she loves spongebob more, i guess.. heheh

  2. I think lahat yata ng li'l girl na kilala ko eh fav talaga si Dora, but my boys love Diego. :).I love her photo sa slide nya, uber cute!!!

  3. Ay grabe super Dora talaga! Hihi! Ang cute! Ngayon medyo nahahati ang ang atensyon ni Deye ko between Barbie and Dora.

  4. Most kids I know really adore Dora and Bea is sooo cute.

  5. I love your daughter sweet and smiley faces all the time..

    Here's Our Favorites

  6. She looks cute and the bed is cute too. happy MM!

  7. aw andami favorite ni bea ha!! :)

    sayang sold na ung dora bed.. hmmmm type ko sya for yena haahsayang...

  8. Wow she loves a lot of things! :)

  9. she sleeps well in her Dora bed..
    happy MM day!

  10. bea's cute especially when she smiles! i love her sleeping position.. hehe!

  11. reading is the best favorite of all.. and i think Dora is quite popular this week ah.

    Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.

  12. cool Dora sheets :D

    thanks for joining! happy mommy moments!

  13. you're girl's so chubby. cute!

  14. awww! ang cute ni bea! pakurot ha :) sensya na at delayed ang pagrampa ko :)