Monday, September 28, 2009

PBB weekend- fitness week ? :-P

Pixel Bug weekend button 1

Last week, I have started to go for a power walk after i got off from work and I have picked up bea from school/daycare. It has been my wish to atleast shed some of my excess weight =) and be back to my pre pregnancy form. Anyway, I had a great weekend with my family, I had a great exercise with my bea, who loves her new stroller- I had to buy a portable one big enough to fit her and small enough to store in my tiny car's trunk. On Sunday, it was raining hard so I didnt get the chance to have my power walk , in lieu of my power walk I take out my step exerciser and did some cardio work outs. Now, my legs are so sore, I cant even walk properly... but i am still determined to have my power walk later on today , if the weather permits.

Sunday night, we went out to have quality time together, we went window shopping , we ended buying 2 dvd movie for my hubby and 1 dvd for bea ( barbie's mariposa). We then had dinner at a chinese restaurant, We had peking duck, dimsum and sauteed chinese broccoli (tastes like mustasa has a bitter after taste). Bea had wanton soup, we all had a great time, we went home with a full stomach, an empty purse for me and 2 very happy kids LOL...

Dinner with my prince =)

My princess =)
Getting fit =)

Pretty flower at the park
bea's so happy with my stroller smile =)

P.S. I know, some of our blogging friends are in the middle of typhoon Ondoy this past weekend, to all that had been affected my prayers are with you..


  1. Go! Go! Go! We really need the exercise.

  2. he he he,magkamukhang magkamukha pala kayo ng iyong li'l princess! :)

  3. What a cute smile of your daughter!!That was a very blissful weekend,dear!Good for you and your family!!^_^

    Greetings from Japan!!Nice meeting you here at PBW!!here's mine:

    Happy Monday!!^_^

  4. so cute and its always nice to have quality time with family... im sure dami nyo nakain sa dinner nyo.. mine is up too

  5. i dont think u need to shed some more weight. u look perfectly fit naman jen!! :D

  6. nice to know u had a great weekend!

    anyways about our palawan trip, it was planned last may pa :D and we are on a tight budget on that getaway but we will make the most of it.. please help me pray for a nice weather ha..

    thanks jen! mwah