Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mommy Moments-treasured Picture

mommy moments
For this weeks theme for Mommy Moment's it is TREASURED PICTURES. As I looked on my picture archives I can't seem to choose which ones are may favorite and which ones I really treasure coz each one of them I dearly treasure. So for this week's theme i just choose some of my treasured pictures.
The above picture was taken when i was about 5 yrs. old., pictured with my mom is my one and only sibling jo-anne and as usual I am with my dad =). This picture alwasy reminds me where I come from and what I was then.. It makes me more appreciative of the things I have and the things I am able to do now.
The above picture was taken when we got the confirmation from my OB that I was indeed pregnant and to my surprise I was already 8 weeks along and have not known it =) ( We were a bit hesitant to depend on the Home test so we needed the OB's confirmation ).

Any picture I had with my bea is bound to be treasured. After long years of waiting We were able to experience how it is to have our own family. I must say it is an experience that had change ourlives forever.

Above, was taken during bea's christening I think she is almost 1-month old at that time. See how happy we were to have our own family =)

My first, ever picture of bea....
My baby now.....

On her first birhtday.. I planned the whole a first time mom I wanted everythign to be perfect for my bea and it was everythign I could imagine and even more.

Just seeing her smile...always makes me happy.. she was 3 months old at this time
Bonding with Dad. My husbands always busy with his work and it is rare that he gets to have time to bond with my baby ( That's the reason why my bea is a certified Mommy's Girl), so whenever they have bonding time i just step back and let the two of them have their quality time together.

My source of pure bliss =)
Bea's first ever trip to the Philippines she was 6 months old at that time taken at Mcdonalds Baguio.

Her first time with a new nanny, she cried the wholeday that is why she was so tired when I picked her up from work.
Happiness , Dont you think there pretty ? =)

My bea t 5 month old

Poor baby =)

My miracle =)
Her first pet ( a chocolate labrador) she named her LILO ( from disney's Lilo And Stitch).

LOL. Pouting she was 5 monts old here.
Well, this is part of my Treasured Pictures collection... It may not be taken anywhere special but I still treasure these since they show a part of my past and it makes me look back and appreciate how much my life has changed.
How about you what's your treasured pictures? Come and join us every friday at Mommy Moments. Join now.


  1. Such an adorable baby.. Happy weekend!

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite you on Monday as I launch my new photo blog with a new meme.

    Visit here.

  2. Hahaha, si daddy may flower din!

    Here are my treasured photos for this week.

  3. cool photos! we had a preview of your life :D

    thanks for sharing!!!