Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My highschool friend whom i reconnected in facebook tagged me with this note.... thanks irma.....

A - Age : 30

B - Bed Size : Queen

C - Chore you hate : cleaning up after an exhausting day at the office =(

D - Dog's name : LILO a choco lab but i had to give it away too much to handle =), then we had a mixed breed dobberman and pitbull DIEGO we had to give him away again because at 4 weeks old my bea keeps on riding him and saying HORSY HORSY.... we feared one day the pup will die with this kind of abuse and torture from my bea LOL.

E - Essential start your day item : tea

F - Favorite color : blue

G - Gold or Silver : white gold

H - Height : 5'2"

I - Instruments you play(ed) : nada

J- Job title : accountant/slave, mommy and wifey

K - Kid(s) : one .....bea

L - Living arrangements : at our new home with my hubby, bea

M - Mom's name : celia

N - Nicknames : jenny, jen, jen-jen

O - Overnight hospital stay : knee surgery (2006) c-section (2007)

P - Pet Peeve : people who are self absorbed and who thinks they know everything

Q - Quote from a movie : VAMANOS (from dora) LOL

R - Right or left hand? : Right

S - Siblings : 1 (mosang my bestfriend/confidant and enemy HHEHHEHE when we were younger....)

T - Time you wake up : 5:30 am

U - Underwear : =)

V - Vegetable you dislike : saluyot hehehheh

W - Ways you run late : rarely

X - X-rays you've had : knee, chest

Y - Yummy food you make : i bake, i cook and pretty much everything i do hehehehheh

Z - Zoo favorite : SAIPAN ZOO


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