Monday, September 14, 2009

Window shopping on a saturday......

My schedule for saturdays are always loaded with house chores -cleaning our house, picking up bea's toys and of course laundry... My husband needs to work until 1pm during satrudays but he usually comes home around 3 pm or past. So it would only be me and bea who spends that day together. When mommy is busy doing all her household chores... it is a great help that we have DVD tapes to keep my bea busy... The only problem is with all of her tapes plus we have to rent additional ones, she keeps on asking me to change the tape into another one.... the cycle never stops =) one minute she wants to watch dora-catch the stars, later it would be super babies and then it would be barney, jojo circus and so on... It is a busy day for me =)

After my hubby get off from work he asked me if I was in the mood to go out and let my bea catch some air outside.... He said bea looked so bored in the house and would love to go out.... I gave in to his argument =), we decided to go to DFS and use their playroom for the kids... After that we went around the store to window shop... wheeeewwwwwwwwww, A small Coach bag costs $248?? that is a lot but I like it =)

Here is my bea after our window shopping... see how happy she is?

My sweetie =)

We were looking for furniture to be put in our patio @ one of the stores her, My bea saw this bunked bed and decided to give it a try =)

She loved this bed =), Oh by the way the signs on the store says " Please do not lie down/sit down on the beds" good thing the store clerk adored bea so much that she just let her have fun .

happiness =)

Safe in daddy's arm she got scared of Saipan's mascot SAIPANDA who is going around DFS.

Picture taking =)

The infamous SAIPANDA... bea got so scared when this mascot moved and tried to touch her....

Walking with daddy =)
@the care see how happy we were to get out of our house =)

Bea's day out=)

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