Monday, September 14, 2009

sunday with my family

Sunday is our family day.... My hubby and I always makes it a point to spend the whole day with bea. It doesnt matter if we stay in the house all day long or spend the day outside.. we just have to make it a point that we stay together =). Since bea has bee coughing since friday night, we decided to bring her to the beach for an early morning swim ( it is believed to cure cough and colds as my mother dear had told me)... so off to the beach we went...
Since it is an early morning swim my bea was not up to the idea of swimming in the cold water.. When i woke her up and I told her we were going to the beach she was so happy to put on her bathing suit, but when she was about to dip to the cold ocean water she wailed her heart out... Determined to get rid of her cough my husband withstand the deafening squeals of my baby. I wasn't able to capture a picture of their swim or even a video because I was busy cooking our breakfast at the beach.
After, our beach escapade we went home to take shower and prepare ourselves to go to churc. We went to a Thai restaurant after the church service and then we went window shopping for my husbands ultimate wish- an LCD TV... whewwww, we must have drive aroung all the electronics shop on the island.. Just looking at my husband face light up whenever he sees one of those Tv's it's like looking at a small boy hoping to have a toy =)
My bea and me waiting for our lunch at the Thai resto =)
My bea with her body guard =)

My kikay =)

@ the beach during our early morning swim- after her swim, contemplating on whether to take another bite of her hotdog or not =)

Ready for our swim =)

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