Monday, September 21, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend- My Weekend =)


This is the first week of Pixel Bug Weekend and I am so happy to be invited to join =).
My weekend is usually routinary especially on Saturdays, when I get to stay at home with my bea 'coz my hubby works during saturdays. It is also the time for me to do all my chores for the week like laundry, clean the house and etc. and to top it all I also need to tend to a very naughty little girl =).
On Sunday, my neigbor ( who is a co-worker of my hubby) asked me to go with her to a garage sale of my friend, she is moving to another state with her family that is why she needs to downsize their things. It was a gloomy sunday and it was really raining cats and dogs by the time we reached our destination. It was a good visit since aside from the free stuff we got from my friend/kumare josie we also had free breakfast =).
By the time we got home, it was so foggy that I cannot get a good picture of the coconut tree and the sky ....

Before we left our house on sunday mornign, pictured is my bea with my nieghbor's son Quinn.

Doing Laundry on Saturday.... =)

The mess I have to clean up =(


  1. Just like you, Saturday is also my laundry day!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Nice pixel bug weekend. I love the pic of your princess walking hand in hand with her boy-friend.

    Here's our Pixel Bug Weekend went.

  3. @chubs: Boyfriend =( oh no please not until she is 30 yrs. old LOL I might get a heart attack if it is earlier hahhaha.

    @ WILLA: that has been always my routine on saturdays... can't seem to shake laundry off my schedule LOL...

    Have a nice week to you both and to everyone

  4. hello, saturday is also a hectic day for me, as in non-stop errands and ligpitin... kaya superwoman talaga tayong mga mommies.

    Check out my Pixelbug Weekend too.

  5. Thanks for joining.... I was here earlier. But I noticed that my comment did not reflect.

    It's nice to see that despite the hectic sked, you still find time to enjoy with you baby,

  6. may picture pa doing the laundry hehe :D cute ng pic of your daughter and friend =D

  7. to my new found blogging friends: Thanks for visiting... Im so happy to know that i am accumulating friends thru the help of blogging.... see on the next meme enjoy your week