Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look... how much she has changed....

This is a picture of my bea now. I can't believe how time flies and from a fragile, helpless little baby we now have a very strongwilled little girl who makes each day extraordinary. It is amazing how you changed from one person to another in an instant just by becoming a mom/parent. From the minute your child is born it is no longer just you or me and him, it is now us.
This is my bea when she was 4 days old, it is also the day when the oxygen tube was removed. She stil has that tube in her nose to suction out the meconium from her lungs This is also on her 4th day

This was taken on my first mother's day as a gift after 2 days of fighting for her life, My bea came back and the respirator was taken out. One of the nurses told me on my first mother's day "Hay, Mommy yung baby mo kahit deeply sedated na, still moving and wanted to take out the breathing tube" Imagine after 2 days seeing your baby very limp and not moving, and o the 3rd day as I enter the NICU, I saw her moving her arms and legs without the breathing machine..
We didnt take nay pictures of her when she was fighting for her life.. we were so scared that it would be the last picture that we would ever see.
Just looking back at these pictures... reminds me how good God is and how his miracles touch ourlives... I thank him for giving me the opportunity to experience his miracle everyday. I just hope that I am taking good care of that miracle and living up to my promise to be a good mom to my bea..
Happy Wednesday everyone =)

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