Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Dora fanatic

Here is a picture of my bea, taken this morning she was so happy with her new dress since it is dora and it has a hoodie ( she is in to hat's lately-c/o barney's silly hat's). her outfit is dora all over, the dress, shoes, hair tie and even the panty is dora... and oh, the bag is also dora. As long as I can remember she has always loved dora. When I was pregnant, all of the items I purchased for her has winnie the pooh all over ( carseats, clothes, bottles and stuff) but she is really not into pooh- she prefers elmo over him. My cousin introuduced dora to her since she was 2 months old when I leave them at our house to work, every mornign they would have a schedule to watch dora.

My husband and I memorized each and every character of Dora the explorer and even Diego LOL. If there would be a gameshow that will ask everything about dora and all the episodes she had, i think we will have a fair chance of winning =)

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