Thursday, September 24, 2009

GIRL'S TALK- girls vs. boys

For this weeks theme on Girl's Talk it is Girls over Boys.

I have already prepared my entry for this weeks Girl's Talk since last night, but my prince charming decided to borrow ("_") my laptop and accidentaly deleted my entry. ( grrrrrrrrrrr) so here I am trying to think over what i had written yestereday =).

Well for one, we girl's always have a back-up plan, we always have prepared back up plans just incase the other one fails =). We always torture ourselves with the question WHAT IF?, so we always try to be prepared for all the posibilities that may come. ( good or bad)

As kikamz has commented on my last weeks entry we girl's have mastered the art of ENDURANCE, try giving birth to a baby and still manage to wake up each day on the wee hours of the morning to console and take care of a newborn infant.... and after that prepare for a busy day at the office.... only to come home and do the same routine over again.

As almost everyone who is joining girl's talk this week has said- we girls also mastered the art of MULTI-TASKING we are able to cook, do laundry, clean the house, talk on the phone and even have the time to play house or even dance to the we did it finally of Dora the explorer all at the same time.... boy's try doing that huh? LOL

We girls have the ability to organize everything and anything that our hands can hold. I saw once a post of the art of folding plastic bags ( i think it was from niko =) ). The minute we find out we are going for a trip or just plain going out, we stay up late and prepare all the things that we need... we even prepare a couple of days or even weeks early.

We can go a day without talking to our husbands/boyfriends especially when we are mad ( SILENT TREATMENT) ... which my husband hate so much that whenever I give him that he would alwasy beg me to just slap/hit him, he says its better than being ignored all day long =).

Of course the most important of all is the ability to grow another human being in your tummy. And also to be able to be the sole source of nourishment your baby will ever need on the first few days/months of his life.

Lastly, we girls can PRETEND to be okay/happy even we are not. My husband keeps on complaining how I can let him believe that I am okay or I am not mad at him when in fact I am. Whenever girl's are hurting/angry ask her if she is and she would reply with a silent NO or even say I am Okay.

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Have a nice day everyone.


  1. i agree. men are hopeless on house organization. that's why they need us to clean up after them. haha.

    here's my entry , btw.

  2. oi i love ur list.. parang pareho tau.. haha magaling tau sa silent treatments sa husband hahah :) wawa sila saten ha :( heheh but we love them to pieces kaya silent lng muna tau..

    speaking of planning things, i so agree with u! we have a vacay in palawan on oct but as early as now am preparing my list na LOL tlga hahah

    thanks for joining this week jen ha! see u again next week.. fave things on earth nmn theme naten..


  3. I love the SILENT Treatment part... Oh, men can't stand that really...Thanks for dropping by...

  4. we have so mastered the art of multitasking..

  5. yep we have mastered the gift of endurance and the art of persuasion....

    mine is up too :)

  6. i agree all the answers...we girls really rock! tungkol naman sa what ifs...i do have that even though hubby keep telling me "there is no what ifs, don't think about that"

  7. Silent treatment doesn't work on my hubby, he would bug me to death until I talk to him. But, yes indeed we are capable of doing that. All the things that you wrote down, they are all true to the best of my knowledge, hehehe. Have a great day to you. Women rule!!!!!

  8. hhhmm, silent treatment at multitasking? na master ko na yan.. lol :)